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Special Wheels

Starting from the needs of our clients, we were extending, the line of standard wheels, and including in the same ones, wheels of special measurements, used in amusement parks, for mechanical attractions. We have among them, wheels for bumper cars, carrousells, trains, worms, bowling, etc.. Like also, many other pieces, for the same ones and for other machines of amusements and entertainments.
These special pieces, are realized in different types of materials, as being: aluminium, resin, cast iron, polyurethane, and all kinds of rubbers, including silicone. For that, we count with our own molds and developement, up to achieve the awaited result.
Also , we recover  all the pieces, which because of the use, the rubber or the polyurethane suffer wear, by putting them the material again, extending the useful life of the same ones, and optimizing the costs.
In the case of the bumper cars, we have designed an exclusive system, by means of which we realize the gummed of the tyre that rounds the car, in the two measurements most common.

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